7 Student SMKN 61 Tidung Island PSG Perform at KSU

Use meet the semester and school work , 7 students SMKN 61 Tidung Island South Thousand Islands District Thousand Islands regency administration do Fieldwork Training ( PKL ) ie with Multiple System Education ( PSG ) in North Thousand Islands district office

” PSG is for the terms and the second semester , because of the school is to recommend to government agencies such as the office of district offices , ” she says Sri Haryati ( 15 ) Class XI Accounting SMK 61 Tidung Island , when he was met beritapulauseribu.com , Thursday ( 13 / 03 / 2014)

Sri Haryati add that this activity has been going on for a week. It is planned that this project will be beaten for 2 months forward. “When given the same school was 2 months, we here learn PM1 registration process and report access, ” tuturnya .

PKL ‘s Temporary participants THINGS WITHOUT Iskandar Yogi Saputra ( 17 ) Class XI Akutansi SMKN 61 Tidung Island , he was happy to get the job of street vendors in the District Office . The initiative , in addition to be able to increase their knowledge directly, PSG activities is also very beneficial for the stock after finishing school later. ” Me and my friends know a lot of knowledge, it appears thus mersakan atmosphere within the scope of office space and is the beginning of our experience, ” he said.

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