Dki bkd news will know about the data on the fictional island of a thousand Honoree

Regional Employment Agency ( BKD ) Jakarta have verified the number of temporary employees who allegedly fictitious Local Government Administration in the Thousand Islands . The results will be discussed by the team by comparing the data that has been entered in the database and verify the results directly in the field .

” The results of the field verification and the database can answer whether these allegations are true or not true . Indeed, there are reports that a number of temporary employees for the second category of alleged fictitious Thousand Islands , ” said Tim verification Budi Utomo , Secretary BKD Jakarta accompanied by the Head of Civil Service Office of the District ( K3 ) Thousand Islands , Desi son , Wednesday ( 15/5 ) .

On that basis , said Budi , Jakarta BKD straight to verifying the temporary employees who allegedly do not conform to the data submitted to BKD . ” We have done an interview to his immediate supervisor and their people who know exactly the condition of the field and attach support files . Soon will we know the outcome , ” said Budi .

In addition , according to the head of the Thousand Islands Desi Son K3 , K3 BKD city and will always follow up report on the alleged fictitious data networking employess according to the specified time limit . Because of this, an attempt to improve the quality of the work environment CPNS in Jakarta Government .

Of these problems , Desi appealed to the names listed in the data category II temporary employees to prepare themselves to face the stages of acceptance employess . ” It should be ready in order to follow the stages of acceptance can run smoothly , ” he said . [ dp / az ]

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