finalists news abnon thousand islands jakarta 2013 ready skill performance

Sparkling lights decorate Familiarity Night 30 event finalists Abang and None Jakarta thousand islands in Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta , Tuesday ( 28/5 ) night . energetic and very interesting all 30 finalists mengekfresikan their skill and worth witnessed the grand final on the island of Java Fortunately on June 2 .

” Selection of Jakarta Abnon Thousand Islands has become routine every year . Activities to encompass tourism ambassador must also promote the Thousand Islands as the only area in the city is famous for its natural attractions and the sea , ” said Suwarto , Head of Culture and Tourism Agency Thousand Islands .

According to him , it is the duty Tourism Agency to introduce and promote through the attraction of this year’s race raised Abnon culture and local kearipan Thousand Islands to be introduced not only at national level but until internaisonal .

” The race is very suitable Abnon to the media in an effort to promote tourism in the Thousand Islands . So it can lift the existing tourist and invite those who have breathing vacation in the Thousand Islands , ” he said .

Acting ( Acting ) Regent Thousand Islands , Djunaidi revealed , these activities part of the Jakarta Anniversary welcome to 486 . ” In addition to promoting tourism Thousand Islands also participated memeriakan anniversary of Jakarta later , ” he said briefly .

Finalists Abnon origin Thousand Islands Andi Hakim mengku proud and happy to participate in the election Jakarta Abnon Thousand Islands in 2013 . ” Seneng , can participate in this activity . Besides memambah insight about travel in the Thousand Islands can also contribute in promoting the island of my birth ( Thousand Islands ) , ” he said .

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