Jokowi nominate for president thousand island residents debate ideas

Jakarta Governor Jokowi pencapresan the 2014 presidential election Presidential election or inviting the pros and cons for people sebagain Thousand Islands District Administration . The reason , besides still needed a figure to lead the Capital Jokowi , especially the people of Jakarta and the Thousand Islands still have great hopes for Jokowi for Jakarta to bring a better direction again.

” First I personally do not agree that Jokowi presidential nomination this year , because somehow Jakarta still needs a leader like Jokowi , ” said Selamet ( 48 ) , resident of RT 004 / 01, when contacted Hope Island , Sunday ( 23 / ​​03 / 2014 ) .

Congratulations to add , the first time Jokowi mendeglarasikan himself as a presidential candidate by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , or PDI – P in the week yesterday , could direct the stock exchanges even Composite Stock Price Index ( ISHG ) rose coupled with appreciation in the rupiah . But according to him , it was just a momentary market sentiment . “There could be an indicator of increasing our economy , should Jokowi finish first what the matter of Jakarta commitment to 5 years , ” he said .

Meanwhile, according to ozy ( 44 ) , resident of RT 006 / 02 Grilled Island , the number one running for president in Jakarta was only imaging alone in order to boost the sound of the PDIP . Appointments should keep it just in case do not want to say liar . “Every aspect of it is also one of our governor , as the party cadres must obey the mandate of ketum , but as governor he also had to keep his promise to the citizens , ” he said .

In contrast to Selamet and Ozy , expression of pro pencapresan Jokowi asked by Saini ( 29 ), a resident of RT 002 / 01 Coconut Island . According to him , pencapresan Jokowi was considered an appropriate moment when Indonesian leadership crisis . “If it’s all in the interest of the nation and state of Indonesia to rely more well why should be banned, I still is okay , ” he said .

However , continued Saini , pencapresan if it is only for the benefit of the bearer party he regretted once . But let the people of Jakarta later the judge because there are a lot of promises that have not been fulfilled .

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