news boyfriend impregnate a student in the island Tidung reported to the police

A high school student in Tidung Island , South Thousand Islands , forced to crouch in the detention room Mapolsek South Thousand Islands . Student initials MA ( 16 years ) was reported to police for allegedly impregnating his girlfriend named Rose who also call it old school friend .

Parents MA Rose insisted to the police report deed and asks the learner legal process . ” We regret , when the matter can be resolved amicably , because the man wants to take responsibility , ” said Abdul Rashad , Community Leaders Tidung Island after mediation in the Village Office Tidung Island , Tuesday ( 30/4 ) .

According to Rashad requested to mediate , the act was highly inappropriate student causing problems for both. ” I am also concerned by the incident and always hope it is a lesson learned for our young people to be more careful in the association , ” he explained .

Lebh far , Rashad hope that the police are also seeing more cases on violation of norms , because the two students were committing consensual . ” I ‘ve heard good recognition of men and of women . They as they liked , so if the detention is not appropriate , ” he said .

Sector Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Susilo South Thousand Islands claimed to know of this problem and has attempted to take good action deliberations between the two sides . However , because there is no settlement , the elderly women reported acts MA .

” Already we try to be resolved amicably , but it does not seem to see the meeting point between the two sides , ” said Susilo .

However , he continued , it will attempt to resolve the issue until both sides come to terms . ” If the parents insist on making this issue to shutter the law , we will see the appropriate chapters to be charged , ” he said . ( Zaini Miftah )

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