news develops residential tourist resort island of a thousand began to squirm

Strenuous efforts Thousand Islands regency government and a number of private parties to re- elevate the prestige of tourism resort island in the archipelago Jakarta seems to be coming to fruition . Why not ? since the high interest of visits to tourist islands based settlements , are now tourist resort island began to squirm and attract visits by tourists from middle and upper class .

Practitioners Society Tourism and Social Observer , Edi Cipto tell prestige boost tourist resort islands since the islands visited tourist settlements and lower middle class . In addition, the problem that had been mebelit the Thousand Islands tourism also began to improve transportation access . Therefore , the next time will be a lot more investors in the tourism sector will expand its business in the Thousand Islands .

” The current conditions are very promising and the future of tourism in the Thousand Islands will again grow rapidly as happened in 1990 to 1998 , ” said Edi Cipto when talking with Jaya Ancol Marina , North Jakarta , Saturday ( 27/7 ) morning .

According to him , of course, an increased interest in these visits must be balanced with stability island services , such as improving the quality of transportation services and service quality of tourism management resort islands . ” The task of the government to continue to improve the condition of marine transportation facilities . Existence of a fast boat rental business run Duyu swasat contributed to the increased tourist visits this time , ” he explained .

From it , he said , the government must also compete to provide the best transportation services and continue to guide the traditional transportation that also had a big hand in the improvement of tourist visits in Thousand Kepuluan . ” Passenger ships repaired and no less important is the port which is the gateway to the Thousand Islands , ” he said .

Labih far , he said , the increase in tourism will have an impact both on the economy of the community . They can take advantage of it by opening businesses like opening lodging, business ketring , guide to souvenir business . “Tourism is the right option in improving the welfare of the community . So the government must continue to explore and work on the existing tourism potential , ” he said . [ AF

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