Teachers MIN advantage of the Thousand Island Waste To Generating Rupiah

The existence of garbage in the environment we live in separate houses of jobs for people who are concerned in part to their environment . As well as that done by Mahariyah ( 44 ) State Government Elementary School teacher ( MIN ) Campus B Tidung Island . He utilizes sebagain garbage or the thrift to dijadihan something useful that can generate dollars .

” I want them to see a different perspective of garbage in , garbage can also bring something of value , so we have to ajarankan them that trash many benefits , ” said Mahariyah when found beritapulauseribu.com , Sunday ( 22/03/2014 ) .

Not only that , teachers who have been teaching for decades , admits terketuk berserahkan her if you see trash everywhere . Therefore , he continued to campaign for clean environment is a shared responsibility especially in the teachings of Islam explained that kebersian it part of faith . ” We like to blame the government for not providing trash . Hence , we need to raise awareness about environmental cleanliness siapalagi if not us who care , ” he explained .

Mahariyah added that he was being intensified and campaign about the benefits and uses of the trash and junk , both within their homes and at school where he taught . “I think education should be taught about it , I ‘m in MI in order to familiarize children matter first took my garbage , waste anyone , then I try to collect garbage that invites their economic value , so they know there is value there , ” he concluded

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