tourists visiting the island of Java offered a profit Betawi dance

To continue to spur tourist visits and preserve Betawi arts , Sub-Department of Tourism and Culture ( Parbud ) Thousand Islands held a Betawi arts and cultural attractions on the island of Java Fortunately , District of South Thousand Islands , Saturday ( 02/11/2013 ) yesterday .

” We want arts and culture khusu betawi be a treat for tourists who come to the Thousand Islands , ” said Head of the agency Parbud Thousand Islands , Suwarto .

He said the Thousand Islands community culture is inseparable from the role of traditional Betawi people in Jakarta . Do the arts , such as dance , lenong and tanjidor is Jakarta’s cultural identity should be maintained and preserved .

” Right now the Thousand Islands is one of six administrative regions in Jakarta . So , culture and traditions that must be maintained is Betawi , ” he explained .

In addition to showing Betawi dance , according Suwarto , the show also featured acting lenong featuring a number of well-known comedians today . ” That’s the entertainment side , residents and wistawan many who witnessed , ” he said .

One of the tourist visitor origin markets Thursday , Tangerang , Banten , Rahayu admitted entertained with arts and cultural performances . He said the crocodile Betawi tradition is not much different from the culture of the people of Banten . ” Almost the same and we enjoy this holiday , ” he said .

While Regent Thousand Islands Asep Syarifuddin welcome pagerlaran Betawi arts and culture held Parbud Sub Thousand Islands . ” It should be kept in case , because it could be a cultural capital of our tourism , ” he said briefly . [ Ahmad Furqan ]

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