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To reduce unemployment and poverty reduction , the Village of Hope Island , Thousand Islands, Northern District of labor cooperation with a number of island tourist resort located in the territorial area of ​​the village .

” We ask the tourist resort islands prioritize employment of residents of the island . Currently we are about 35 people employed in the tourist resort islands such as the Island Princess , Sepa Island , Rainbow Island , Rosa Island , and the other , ” said Ward Island of Hope , Ismail , Tuesday ( 16/7 ) .

So far , according to Ismail , the response tourist resort islands of positive and even the management of the island always coordinate with the village when in need of new workers . ” We are also not proposing origin , previously recommended workforce trained to be ready to work , ” he added .

Moreover , the headman said he always encourages people of working age to continue to improve skills in areas of existing work . ” There’s training work undertaken by relevant agencies and that it should continue to be encouraged , ” he explained .

In addition , Ismail also said that the development of settlements in Hope Island tour today encouraging . Evidently each of tourists coming weekend has reached thousands . ” So now there are many people who build and provide tourist services , such as lodging and ketring , ” he explained .

Because of this , he claimed to have made the concept in an effort to increase tourism visits . ” We’re going to beautify the garden ordinances and integrated and then we will carry out programs in environmental pagarisasi citizens . We hope that visitors who come back again and again and bring a friend . Why not be the Hope Island ‘ pulauku my heaven ‘ , ” he said . [ AF ]

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